Update effective September 1, 2021 – While all COVID restrictions have been lifted in Massachusetts, Provincetown has instituted a masking advisory for all indoor spaces.  Masking is not required in indoor spaces but you may find some businesses requiring it and/or proof of vaccination.  So be sure to carry both with you as you enjoy Ptown.

What To Expect In Provincetown This Year-

While COVID restrictions are being lifted it may take a bit of time for everything to return to normal.  The biggest challenge this summer will be staffing.  Historically our seasonal workforce largely entails foreign workers.  These workers for the most part are not here this summer.  This means that many restaurants, galleries and shops are short staffed and may have to implement reduced hours and/or days of operation.  Service at restaurants and other establishments may be much slower than normal.  We encourage all visitors to just relax, be patient and go with the flow.  Our local businesses are doing their best with the resources and staffing that they have.  We also recommend all guests bring their COVID vaccination certificate as many venues are requiring this to be shown for entrance.

What To Expect At Aerie House This Year

We are not immune to the critical staffing situation.  While accommodations will be thoroughly cleaned to COVID standards when they turn over we will not be able to offer housekeeping during your stay.  We are happy to provide fresh towels and linens upon request as needed.

Public hot tubs are once again allowed effective MAY 29 but during this past winter downtime ours developed a crack in it’s shell and is no longer operable.  We have ordered a replacement but there is a huge order backlog and we do not expect it until December.  This means we will not have a hot tub for guests from now until December.

Several other changes we made to be compliant with COVID regulations have proven very popular and will remain.  These include breakfast to order instead of a buffet and designated hall bathrooms for Rooms 3 and 5 instead of shared baths.

It should be a fantastic season and we look forward to welcoming all our guests to Ptown and Aerie House.